About Dee Sowinska


I graduated with degrees in Psychology, Religious Studies and Philosophy from the University of California in Davis and took my last year of Religious Studies degree at the University of British Columbia in their excellent Asian Studies department. 

In 2005 I found Five Element Acupuncture after struggling with pain for years due to injury. Having a deep respect for Asian philosophy I gave Five Element Acupuncture a try as the condition was not improving.

Regular treatment lead to not only permanent relief from pain, but also resolved a number of other symptoms which mainstream medicine does not have any particular treatment for. This lead to a much improved quality of life I was not expecting. It was as if my body’s own healing mechanism was activated and issues both mental and physical, were being eased one by one. I began studying Five Element Theory in 2006 and in 2009 I began treatment with Gabriella Doran. I experienced many physical benefits and personal milestones as a result of this preventative medicine practice. 

I have been a part of many initiatives including Mindfulness Meditation and having spent my life researching and learning about our bodies and mind, I continue to have a passion for facilitating health and wellbeing through working directly with energy. I am looking to use my skill set in supporting the FEAT founders, students and patients in promoting, growing and using this proven system of medicine for the collective benefit and wellbeing of all.