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We're going to help you get crystal clear on what's holding you back from having a baby and what you can do in the next 8 weeks to transform your health and your fertility.


What people are saying:

"I’d pretty much given up on having a second child… I was deeply sceptical at first"

At age 43, and after 3 years of trying for a second child, Anna was shocked to find out she was pregnant with Ludo. But it was the changes in "my own sanity and physical health" that really kept her coming back for treatment with us. She tells her story in the video below. 


"I'm Elated. I have a family!"


"Having our two boys is nothing short of miraculous"

"When I first visited you we had been trying to start a family for a few years with a number of early pregnancy losses. I came to the clinic as a last resort so we could feel that we had done everything we could before moving on (we had decided that we weren't interested in IVF). I was very sceptical that it would work. Within a week of starting acupuncture I felt much more energetic, motivated and on an even keel emotionally. A few weeks later and I found out I was pregnant. I continued with acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and had a very easy pregnancy, and a normal birth. We had a healthy baby boy.
Over the next three or so years we tried to add to our family, however we lost more babies early. We happened to be back in London for a few months and so I got in touch with Michael. "No pressure", I said, "but we'd love to have another baby. You've got five months!" Again I became pregnant within a matter of weeks and had another completely straightforward pregnancy. We now have two gorgeous healthy boys who are flourishing. We are so grateful to Michael for his help and expertise in enabling us to complete our family. Words really can't express how thankful we are and we feel that having these boys is nothing short of miraculous.”
- Pam Aldersley

"I had been told it might be difficult due to my polycystic ovaries. Within two sessions I fell pregnant."

"I had used Michael over the years mainly for stress and always had good results. My partner and I had been trying to conceive for around nine months when I decided that I should try acupuncture again. Within two sessions I fell pregnant. I do believe it unblocked something and also helped me feel very relaxed so the combination made the right environment. I had been told it might be difficult due to my polycystic ovaries. 
I went to Michael for acupuncture almost every month during my pregnancy especially for back pain. In one session I felt the energy run up my back which was amazing. During the last six weeks of my pregnancy I had no back pain at all amazing! I even wanted to use acupuncture during labour as pain relief. But our Daughter didn't want to wait and arrived perfectly at week 39.
- Lisa McAlinden, Fashion designer

"I consider myself very luck to have fallen pregnant after 3 months of this treatment"

“I was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve, which explained the difficulties experienced in conceiving... Michael was very understanding and sympathetic towards my predicament. He listened patiently to me rambling on about everything and anything and my infertility problem...  One really important thing I managed to do was to SLOW DOWN in all aspects of my life, and just let go. My sisters noticed a massive change in my personality and were very pleased for me. I consider myself very lucky to have conceived after 3 months of working with Michael. I have a wonderful son who is now 3 years old, a truly amazing gift!!!"”

- Amrit Kaur, personal trainer -


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