About Sheridan Maguire 

After suffering from insomnia for two years and not receiving anything that was close to a cure from doctors, I started trying alternative therapies. Starting with traditional herbs, I went on to Ayurvedic medicine, mainstream TCM acupuncture and herbs all of which provided limited and just temporary relief from the symptoms. Finally I was recommended to a five element acupuncturist. Not only did it help the insomnia but I noticed other unrelated symptoms getting better, such as hay-fever, muscle and lower back aches and anxiety. My general energy improved and so did my optimism for life and now I enjoy a good eight hours sleep, or more if I choose. 

 Once I realised the power of five element acupuncture I just knew I had to bring it to the world. As I was doing remedial massage therapy it fit quite nicely with this and so I trained with FEAT school of Acupuncture. I feel that this medicine has so much to offer so many people, not only does it treat the problem but makes a lot of other things better and enables you to live life to the fullest.