FEAT - Five Element Acupuncture Treatment & Training was founded by Michael Arnold and Gabriella Doran.

Michael says:

“19 years ago I was studying Neuroscience at University. I had it all mapped out – I was going to be a researcher in brain science. Discovering new and uncharted areas of human consciousness… but life had other plans for me.

That October my best friend James killed himself. The only thing that helped with the emotional turmoil and insomnia was Five Element Acupuncture. It helped me to find a peace and acceptance that I had never experienced before. I also realised that I wanted to help living people, directly. I didn’t want to cut up dead people’s brains in a laboratory.

Two years later I started my training in acupuncture. It was everything I hoped it would be. It challenged me mentally, emotionally and spiritually to grow as a person and to learn how to become an “instrument of healing”. James’ words came back to me:

“You’re not going to be a scientist Michael. You’re going to do something much more spiritual.” He could read me better than I knew myself"


Five Element Acupuncture is a powerful and magical system of medicine when practiced at the highest level. 

The overarching vision of FEAT is for Five Element Acupuncture practiced by highly skilled practitioners to be available to anyone who wishes to benefit from it.  



We're Hiring

Work Opportunities For Committed Five Element Acupuncturists:

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