Anna's Story

"I’d pretty much given up on having a second child… I was deeply sceptical at first"

At age 43, and after 3 years of trying for a second child, Anna was shocked to find out she was pregnant with Ludo. But it was the changes in "my own sanity and physical health" that really kept her coming back for treatment with us. She tells her story in the video below. 

Note: Michael currently has no availability to take on new patients. His co-founder Gabriella does some have availability at the moment. Gabriella also has 15 years experience in Five Element Acupuncture. She is the co-founder of FEAT, and joint principal of FEAT's acupuncture school (Five Element Acupuncture Training). 

You can read more about Gabriella and book a free consultation with her, while she has availability. Just click the button below.