"There is no political solution"

“There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution
We are spirits in the material world”

The Police wrote this song back in 1981 but it is as relevant today as ever.

It’s so easy to feel disillusioned with the state of the world.

- Climate change out of control
- Corrupt politicians
- Corporate greed

We definitely need people fighting for our rights and campaigning for a better future.

But nothing changes in the world unless individuals change from within.

Climate change is a great example. Mass destruction of the planet only happens because we have forgotten that we are one with nature.

When I first had Five Element Acupuncture, the challenges of life had pushed me to numb my emotions. The treatment put me back in touch with a deep part of myself that I had almost forgotten.

This is hard to put into words but it’s why our patients like Hana Yacoub say things like:

“Acupuncture is not an alternative medication, it is a discovery of the power within”

Five Element Acupuncture actually comes from Japan and Korea and escaped the cultural revolution in China. For this reason it retains the original spiritual roots of acupuncture and the ancient Daoist wisdom. It recognises that if you help people to reconnect with the peace within, you create the conditions for true healing to occur. Western science is catching up with this too now and acknowledges that most chronic illness is linked to stress.

What's more, healing on a global level has to start with each of us as individuals.

We’re looking for the next generation of Five Element Acupuncturists to keep this medicine thriving. It’s not for everyone. For a start you need to be prepared to look deep into yourself. If we want to help people transform spiritually we have to do the work ourselves.

But if this sounds like an exciting challenge then becoming a Five Element Acupuncturist could be one of the best decisions you ever make. It certainly was for me.

You can read more about how I discovered Five Element Acupuncture here:


We’re holding an open evening for our next Apprenticeship in Five Element Acupuncture.

You’ll receive an introductory lesson so you can find out about our experiential approach. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions and talk to current and past students.

When: Thursday 10th October, 6.00 - 9.00pm
Where: Maida Vale, London W9

To reserve your place at the open evening, click here:


The event is free to attend, but we require a £25 deposit to secure your place.

More details of the course are available here:


If you've got any questions just email us at:


Best wishes,

Michael Arnold and Gabriella Doran
Joint Principals of Five Element Acupuncture Training

Note: If you come to the open day and decide that studying with us is not for you, the deposit is refunded to you. If you do decide to study with us, the deposit goes towards the application fee. If you pay the deposit but don’t turn up to the open evening, we can’t give a refund.

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