Ovulation O’clock

You know things have got out of balance when you look at your calendar and recognise the date because “Thats just after I ovulate”.

Your lovemaking has become a scheduled event that has to be timed just right. “I know you just got home from work and we’re both exhausted but I just ovulated and this baby’s not going to make itself”.

No, you don’t need to feel ashamed about this. Its completely normal. It may not be fun or ideal but it’s the reality for so many couples faced with infertility.

You start to sacrifice the intimacy you used to share for “The fertile window”. You know it’s not right but you don’t know what else to do.

Before you know it you’ have two problems:

1) You can’t have a baby
2) Your relationship is straining at the edges.

At this point you have a choice:

You can put your head down and work even harder on having a baby, in the hope that this will also sort out your relationship.


You can find a way to bring back balance to your life, your relationship and your over stressed body.

Most people go for the first option. Usually through no fault of their own. They just aren’t told they have a choice.

We are very fortunate to be be able to help people take the second option. For 66% of couples under 40, with unexplained infertility who commit to this approach, we are able to help them fall pregnant within 6 months. But there’s also an added benefit – you get your life back!

The fun starts to return to your relationship. So often when I ask a couple what they do for fun:

“Fun? we’ve forgotten what that is”

…comes the reply.

A few weeks later instead of the endless exhaustion and stress, they’re laughing together like the used to. Fertility is still there in the background, but it can wait.

Next, you see a pregnant woman on the tube and instead of the usual uncontrollable envy, you find yourself thinking:

“How do I know what challenges she’s faced to get there?”. (This happened to a client last week).

This return to balance is something that’s hard to believe unless you’ve witnessed it or experienced it yourself. But we’re lucky enough to see it happening every day.

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Michael Arnold (BSc Neurosci. LicAc.)