"Everyone else seems to be falling pregnant. Why can't I?"

You spend most of your adult life trying not get pregnant. And then when you actually do want to get pregnant you find you can't. Meanwhile it seems like everyone around you is falling pregnant at the drop of a hat. 

"Everywhere I turned I saw pregnant women, mothers and babies, more and more babies."

These are the words of my patient Amrit Kaur. I asked her if she would mind telling her story in the hope that it may be helpful or inspiring to others who are in the situation she was in. I hope you find it useful.

"After having completed a life long ambition of running the London Marathon in 2005, it was time for a new milestone....children. Several months of trying to conceive passed but no joy....frustration set in, stress levels rose.  I was finding it difficult to cope. My job at the time was proving too stressful, my health began to suffer, I was extremely unhappy, angry and very emotional.....by this time

I decided to seek medical help which led to a really slow process of fertility tests and investigations.

Fortunately for me I was made redundant from work, this time away from work helped me to relax a little and enjoy a better life balance. My new situation encourage me to retrain and follow a career which I would enjoy more than my current one.

By now I was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve, which explained the difficulties experienced in conceiving.  I was prescribed Clomid, a drug used to help stimulate egg production, this however created more unwanted side effects for me as opposed to helping me.

Acupuncture was mentioned to me, I thought I'd look into this idea, and followed through with a consultation with Michael Arnold.

Michael was very understanding and sympathetic towards my predicament. He listened patiently to me rambling on about everything and anything and my infertility problem. He said acupuncture could help so we began treatment and I've never looked back!

I stopped taking Clomid as it was having too many negative effects on my health, and let the acupuncture take its course.

It helped me keep calm and less frustrated. I was able to enjoy my life through an entirely new perspective.  One really important thing I managed to do was to SLOW DOWN in all aspects of my life, and just let go. My sisters noticed a massive change in my personality and were very pleased for me.

I consider myself very lucky to have conceived after 3 months of acupuncture treatment, I continued to have treatment throughout my pregnancy, I even had treatment to help induce labour as my waters broke 4 weeks early!!!

I have a wonderful son who is now 3 years old, a truly amazing gift!!!"